Speaking Engagements


2021 Speaking Engagements

  • 2021 - Gender Equality in the C-Suite & Boardroom, Skytop Strategies, Chicago, IL, July 26-27.

  • 2021 - ESG6 Summit, Skytop Strategies, New York, NY, June 15.

  • 2021- Sustainatopia, “Accelerating the Purpose Economy” Conference, speaking about the “Latest Trends within Corporations & Sustainability.”

  • 2021 - Co-Instructor - Visual Literacy Foundation Workshop, Center for Visual Literacy (COVE), February.

COVID-19 Related Speaking Engagements

  • 2020 - Webinar: COVID Latest Developments on Optimum Program Implementation, Tips and Traps for Infection Controls, August.

  • 2020 - Webinar: Egypt ASSE Chapter - COVID infection controls program - Integrated into the essential - Part 2, June.

  • 2020 - Webinar: US Florida ASSE Chapter - COVID infection controls program - Part 1, May.

  • 2020 - Webinar: Egypt ASSE Chapter - COVID infection controls program components, April.

  • March 2020 - January 2020 - Individual program implementation consulting: protective equipment, masks, temperature methods, sanitizers and cleaning, quarantine, distancing and barriers, recordkeeping.

Previous Speaking Engagements

  • 2019 - Panelist & Sponsor - The Merging of CSR, ESG and Sustainability Roles: How to Effectively Build Off of an Operational Risk Platform. Hosted by Skytop Strategies, October. 

  • 2019 - Panelist - 6 Steps to Building a Successful Safety and Sustainable Culture in your Organization, hosted by PECB Webinars, October.

  • 2019 - Panelist - Sustainability Leadership at the NSC Campbell Institute Executive Summit, hosted by NSC Campbell Institute, September.

  • 2019 - Presenting - Women's EHS&S Leadership Roundtable, hosted by NAEM, June.

  • 2019 - Presenting & Sponsoring - The ESG5 Summit, hosted by Skytop Strategies, April.

  • 2019 - Closing Keynote Speaker - The 2019 BLR Safety Culture Summit: Initiating Effective Safety Change: Gaining Buy-In from the Front Line to the C-Suite, April.

  • 2019 - Sponsoring - The Sustainability and Risk Management, sponsored by Skytop Strategies, April.

  • 2019 - Panelist & Speaking at MONEY4GOOD, sponsored by SUSTAINATOPIA. April . The Brave Road // Mastering Your Message & Communications.

  • 2018 - BLR Safety Culture 2018.  September. “Best Practices for Onboarding: Gain Buy-In, Secure Trust, and Motivate Employees from Day 1”.

  • 2018 - University of West Virginia.  College of Engineering Adjunct Professor, Safety Management 501-Graduate MS Prog. Fall semester.

  • 2018 - Safety Culture Transformation Bootcamp.  May-June. Series of Four Seminars to Transform Your Safety Culture, Using PDCA Cycle. C. Hansell Host

  • 2018. Responsible Investors Summit. Skytop Strategies.  April.  “How Public Companies Can Adapt to ESG…Consequences of Not Prioritizing ESG in Your Business.”

  • 2018.  Indiana Safety and Health Conference and Expo. March.  “Root Cause Analysis Tool (RCAT): An Old Tool with a Critical New Twist for Better Prevention AND Safety Culture”.

  • 2017 Responsible Investor Conference. RI Americas 2017.  December. “Executive Compensation: Are Investors Getting Value for Money?”

  • 2017 PECB Global Leading Voices.  March. Premier Speaker “Case Study: Top Five Tips for Implementing a Successful Safety Culture in Global Organizations”.   

  • 2017 Ethical Corporation.  The Responsible Business Summit New York 2017.  March.  “Creating and Leveraging a SHE Culture for Maximum Business Value and Sustainability Impact.”.  Speaker and moderator at Summit.

  • 2017 Indiana S&H Conf. & Expo. March. “Communication: Your Most Powerful Tool to Get Results and Drive Change.”

  • 2015-7 Safety Culture Webinar Series.  2015-2017.   “Latest Sustainability Trends and the SHE Role”, “Leadership Skills in the SHE Professional to Be a Partner in Sustainability”.  “A Longtime Challenge-Creating a Dynamic and Sustainable SHE Culture; SHE Alignment and Integration with the Business…All People, All Process, All Powerful”.  “SHE Culture and Sustainability…You’re Already 80% There”.  “Helping Business Leaders Become SHE Champions”. “Harnessing the Power of the People…Effectively Engaging Employees”, “Meaningful Metrics for Tracking Progress, Opportunities and Successes”.

  • 2016 University of West Virginia.  College of Engineering Adjunct Professor, Safety Management 501-Graduate MS Prog. Fall Semester.

  • 2016 EHS Today.  America’s Safest Companies.  “Addressing Geographic Culture, Economic and Political Influences to Fine Tune Your Global Safety Culture.”  September. Pittsburg, PA.  REQUESTED REPEAT - EHS DAY OF LEARNING:  October. 2016.  Keynote guest on the same topic.

  • 2016 NSC Congress/Expo 2016.  “Communicate to Be Heard, Understood and Get Maximum Results”.  October.  Anaheim,CA.

  • 2016 Indiana S&H Conference & Expo. March.  3-hr Workshop-“Link with Sustainability Through Your SHE Culture and Systems”. March 22, 2016.  “SHE Leaders As Successful Business Partners”

  • 2015 Invited Guest Expert lecturer at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada-Master of Environment and Business Program; School of Environment, Enterprise & Development. November. TOPIC:  Effective SHE cultures and links with sustainability.

  • 2015 CSSE PDC 2015. “Safety Culture & Sustainability –A Perfect Link and How to Get it Done”. September. Ottawa, Canada.

  • 2015 NAEM Sustainability Conference.  August.  Session Moderator “Sustainability and the Supply Chain”.     

  • 2015 Centre for Corp. Resp.(CR) & Sustainable Dev.(SD). 3rd Annual CR/SD Symposium, Toronto, Canada. June.  Ted Rodgers School of Business Mgmt. Co-sponsor/presenter: “Accelerating SD Performance By Leveraging SHE Culture” and “Geographic and Political Influences & Challenges to Implementing a SHE Culture”.  Organized academia and industry topics and speakers.

  • 2015 ORCHSE Environmental Forum.  May 2015.  “Creating a Sustainable and Caring Environmental Culture”.

  • 2014 PMA 2014 Conference, Aarhus, Denmark.  June.   “Accelerating Sustainability Performance By Leveraging SHE Culture”

  • 2014 Bus.Sys.Lab, 2nd Sustain. Conf. Rome, Italy, January. “Accelerating Sustainability Results by Linking & Leveraging SHE Culture”.