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6 Steps to Building a Successful Safety and Sustainable Culture
in your Organization

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Are you ready for a practical, proven-successful advice, designed to help you get the vibrant and lasting Safety, SHE and sustainability culture you want? Cathy has “been there and done it” for over 35 years...from the inside, and not as an outside consultant, not as a theorist and not from research alone. Cathy has worked with several major corporations, as a senior leader in Safety, product stewardship, manufacturing and quality for over 35 years, and then as a consultant for the last 12 years in Safety culture and sustainability to share her successes and best practices.

Cathy and special guests offer and share practical, and simple strategies, roadmaps and models to change a culture into a dynamic, lasting, and successful SHE way of life. Cathy, renown for her effective model of alignment and integration of SHE into 24 business processes, will share the details of arguably the most important step in a culture creation.

6 Steps to Building a Successful Safety and Sustainable Culture
                             in your Organization                                       

Cathy Hansel
Cathy Hansell

6 Steps to Building a Successful Safety and Sustainable Culture in your Organization

The webinar covers:

- Building an EHS and sustainability culture by focusing on leadership, business
  processes, employee engagement and talent

- Long term strategic planning, aligned with business goals, future, risks and opportunities

- Implement through a roadmap, change model and leading indicators

- “Make it Clear, Easy and Desirable”

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                        RECENT INTERVIEWS & WEBINARS                                        

 John Leyenberger

John Leyenberger

Five Lessons in Creating A Robust Safety/SHE Culture

Cathy Hansell, President of Breakthrough Results, Interviews John Leyenberger, former Walmart Dir. of International Safety; Currently Principle Consultant, Centerline Risk Solutions, LLC. Get the practical "how to" actions and lessons from Cathy and John, from two senior safety leaders in global corporations.

Click HERE to listen

John Rosser

Safety, Environment and Sustainability...Linkages for Mutual Benefits

and Accelerated Results

Join Cathy and her special guest John Rosser, Founder of Sustainatopia. Founded in 2009, SUSTAINATOPIA remains one of the leading events in the world for social, financial and environmental sustainability & impact. Attendees have participated from more than 60 countries. 

Consisting of both a mega-conference and a broad-ranging Festival, SUSTAINATOPIA brings together the global ecosystem of social, financial and environmental sustainability & impact like no other singular event. 

MONEY4GOOD*, powered by SUSTAINATOPIA will feature a particular focus on delegate engagement + driving investment capital/business transactions >> projects/companies & organizations.  Click HERE to listen.