Q: How does Breakthrough Results help an organization to define its overall safety or SHE strategy?
A: Our job is to help you define your SHE culture, culture elements, and the degree of business integration, leadership drive, employee engagement and culture impact on your organization. The culture is aligned with the company mission, vision, and values.

Q: How does Breakthrough Results identify the stage of an organization's overall safety or SHE culture?
A: We assess an organization's overall culture by using defined criteria, leader and employee input and site visits. We can also train the organization to conduct these assessments themselves.

Q: How does an organization improve its culture?
A: Breakthrough Results will guide culture improvement by using proven, targeted actions to improve all the cultural elements of leadership drive, employee engagement, SHE integration an systemic root cause and data analysis. Short and long-term actions are identified and tracked. A tool, called a Maturity Path, offers specific characteristics of 10 strategic elements along a continuum of maturity, towards world-class performance. This tool enables self-assessments, a clear road map of needed actions, identification of successes to share, gaps to close and hundreds of leading indicators to use and track.

Q: How does an organization measure culture?
A: We have the tools that track critical programs, strategic objectives and key tactical programs, behaviors, and accountabilities. Leading indicators are defined to track specific actions and results. The maturity path offers real-time measurements of success, with very specific characteristics and attributes of safety culture, preventative processes, and S&H talent/resources.

Q: How do you convince and motivate leadership of the critical business value of SHE excellence?
A: We provide you with the tools, benchmarking data and education that will allow your leadership teams to understand their role, and to engage and motivate others within your organization. We provide training, data and case studies linking SHE performance with good business results, employee morale, and retention. Further, we provide specific linkages of SHE culture and excellence with sustainability, for win-win successes.

Q: How can an organization use typical business tools to improve safety performance and overall culture results?
A: We have the tools that track critical programs, strategic objectives and key tactical programs, behaviors, business plan, and accountabilities. Tools like six sigma and lean can be easily applied to improve safety performance, process efficiencies, program effectiveness, and risk reductions.

Q: How does an organization sustain results?
A: We use proven tools and training to institutionalize SHE into an organization's 23 business processes, performance expectations, and accountabilities, business ownership. leadership drive and employee engagement. Integration of SHE may be the most critical action. Long-term actions plans provide guidance for continued improvements and reaching new levels of performance. Linking and leveraging SHE with sustainability further embeds SHE into business processes, programs, and initiatives.

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