Safety, Sustainability and Productivity:
Perfect Together!

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Expert products and services to improve safety culture, performance, compliance and business value, by using a unique and proven successful strategy and tool set.

Cathy is working with clients in the chemical, energy, construction and military sectors. Projects include developing and implementing a safety strategy and culture; educating and engaging leadership; integrating S&H into business processes; culture and management system self-assessment tools, leading metrics; CSR and sustainability programs; preparing for a pandemic threat, and applying six sigma and lean tools to improve safety culture and performance. Changes are accomplished following a change model that Cathy developed, based on successful business models. 
Proven Strategic Approaches and Tools To:

• Assess Current Status of Process, Culture and Talent
• Identify Successes, Gaps and Opportunities
• Define Future Strategies, Culture, Processes and Organization
• Outline Needed Actions to Close Gaps and Realize Opportunities 
• Coach and Motivate Leadership
• Improve Employee Engagement and Ownership, 
• Institutionalize Safety into the Businesses 23 Processes, and
• Implement a Change Management Process with A Simple Roadmap and Track Success with Leading Metrics

Detailed Core Competencies

Strategy and Process

• Defining Overall Strategy of Culture, Process and Talent
• Integrating Global Considerations and Approaches into the Safety Strategy
• Defining Short termadn Long term Needed Actions
• Linking S&H with Environment, Sustainability and Wellness
• Strategically Targeting Needed Safety and Wellness Programs 
• Change Management Process
• Linking SHE to Business through Application of “Good to Great”
Culture and Commitment

• Assess Culture Maturity using a Maturity Path, Interviews and Site Visits
• Coaching Leadership Roles, Accountabilities and Education
• Motivating Employee Engagement and Ownership
• Integrating SHE Considerations with Business Processes
Talent and Training

Enhancing SHE Talent Organization & Development
• SHE Skill Competency Assessments, in Technical and Leadership Areas  

Assessments, Tools and Leading Metrics

• Assessing Culture Maturity and Needed Actions
• Defining Pro-Active Leading Indicators
• Planning Crisis Management & Avian Flu/Pandemic Preparedness
• Product Stewardship and Sustainable Development
• Applying Principles and Tools of Six Sigma and Lean
• Management Systems
• System-Based Root Causes
• Strategic Use of Communications
• Assess the Current CSR and Sustainability Status and Design Improvement Plans