Safety, Sustainability and Productivity:
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Leading for the Long Term

Date and Time:  Friday, July 21, 2017  11:00 AM - 12:00 pm ET

Presenters:  Cathy Hansell, President Breakthrough Results, LLC and Bob Seguy, National S&H Leader, Nestle Waters

Safety, health and environment (SHE) is a strategic business issue. The impacts of SHE on business success are complex and far reaching.  Succeeding with SHE enables business growth, production efficiencies, cost reductions, financial investor interest and long term sustainability progress, not to mention safer and healthier workforces, more environmentally sound operations, and better community relationships. Succeeding in SHE requires businesses to drive SHE strategies that that go beyond compliance and risk reduction to new culture, systems and business value.

This 60-minute webinar will explore a successful SHE strategy, culture, tips for success and maximum business value.  Common challenges will also be covered, with details into addressing the top challenge.  The audience is encouraged to ask questions throughout.

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