Safety, Sustainability and Productivity:
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Safety Culture

Safety Culture That Works and Lasts

Cathy Hansell

Leadership as S&H Champions

Cathy Hansell

Employee Engagement and Motivation for Safe Choices

Alex Pollock, former Dow Global director of EH&S Expertise and Cathy Hansell (2 part webinar)

Integrating and Aligning S&H (SHE) within Your Organization

Cathy Hansell (2 part webinar)

Meeting the International Challenges with Implementing Company-Wide Safety/SHE Cultures

John Leyenberger, Former Walmart Dir. of International Safety; Currently Principle Consultant, Centerline Risk Solutions, LLC

Tips and Challenges for Successfully Embedding Safety In Your Organization

Bob Seguy, National Safety Director, Nestle Waters (2 part webinar)

Accelerating and Welcoming New Changes and Choices

Dr. Cynthia Scott, Ph.D. M.P.H. Core faculty, Presidio Graduate School, San Francisco, California

Creating a Vibrant Organization Culture and Business Value from Safety and Sustainability (Jan 31, 2018)

Gretchen Digby Norwood, Former Ingersoll Rand Director of Global Sustainability Programs) and currently founder of Future Partners, LLC


Developments in Sustainability and the Role of SHE

Liam Dowd, Managing Director, Ethical Corporation

Latest Trends in Sustainability and Links with SHE

Nikos Avlonas, Director, Centre for Sustainability and Recognized by PR News as a 2017 CSR Professional of the Year

Progress and Challenges in Implementing Sustainability                                                  

Dr. Phillip Walsh, Assoc. Professor Ted Rogers School of Mgmt and Strategy; Yates School of Graduate Studies and Env Applied Scince, Ryerson Univ.  (2 part interview)

Ingersoll Rand Sustainability Journey

Gretchen Digby, Mgr of Sustainability and Leader of the Ingersoll Rand CEES (2 part interview)

Owens Corning Sustainability Journey

Doug Pontsler, VP EHS and Operations Sustainability (2 part interview)

Sustainability in Business School - Xavier University MBA

Dr. Ginny Frings, Asst. Director, Sedler Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Xavier University, Secret Angels Founder

Understanding CSR, Sustainability and What You Can Do

Nick Andrews, Managing Director, Centre for Sustainability Excellence

Safety and Greening in the Solid Waste Industry

David Biderman, General Counsel and Safety Director for the National solid Waste Management Association

Current and Future Safety Challenges 

Development in Safety in OSHA and Target Issues

Ed Foulke, Former Asst. Secretary of Labor (OSHA) and Current Partner at Fisher and Phillips Law Firm

Progressive Fall Protection Program -NIOSH and CPWR

Dr. Christine Branche, NIOSH Assoc. Director and CDC Dir., Office of Construction Safety and Health. Pete Stafford, Executive Director of CPWR

Total Worker Health & Wellness, Personal Health

NIOSH Total Worker Health™ Program Overview & Scope

Dr. Casey Chosewood, NIOSH Dir. of Total Health (TWH) Program (2 part interview)

NIOSH Total Worker Health™ Program Implementation

Dr. Anita Shill, Senior Advisor, NIOSH Manager of TWH Program

Sleep Deprivation and Fatigue - Dangers and Prevention

Dr. Sara Luckhaupt, Medical Officer for CDC and NIOSH Division of Surveillance, Hazard Evaluations and Field Studies   (2 part interview)

Young People, Obesity and Safety - The Dangerous Links

Dawn Castillo, MPH, NIOSH Division of Safety Research, AND Dr. Mary Hill, CDC Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity    (2 part interview)

Flu Basics and Prevention

Dr. Myles Druckman, VP International SOS

Pandemic Planning

Dr. Myles Druckman, VP International SOS

Empowerment and Fulfilling Your Personal Goals

Montel Williams (Part 1) and Cathy Hansell (Part 2)