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Are you ready for a practical,  webinar series, designed to help you get the vibrant and lasting Safety, SHE or sustainability culture you want?  Cathy has worked with several major corporations, as a senior leader in Safety, product stewardship, manufacturing and quality for 27 years, and then as a consultant for the last 8 years in Safety culture and sustainability.  She is an expert in Safety/SHE culture implementations and a pioneer in the linkage of Safety/SHE Culture and sustainability.  Cathy has “been there and done it”...from the inside, and not as an outside consultant, not as a theorist and not from research alone. She will offer and share , practical, and simple strategies, road maps and models to change a culture into a dynamic, lasting, and successful way of life for an organization.  Cathy, renown for her effective model of alignment and integration of SHE into 24 business processes, will share the details of arguably the most important step in culture creation.


You asked and Cathy responded.   A new 7-week VIP boot camp on Safety Culture, entitled "Mastering Your Safety Culture Transformation - A Roadmap for Your Success."  Whether you want to build a new culture of safety within your organization or enhance the current one, this VIP boot camp is for you!  An introductory webinar, PLUS SEVEN sessions in SEVEN weeks, will cover every significant action needed... addressing the TOP seven "pain points" of building a successful culture of safety in your organization.  Learn practical methods, tools and tips, and traps to avoid from Cathy and special expert guest speakers, AND learn from colleagues in open dialogues.  Environmental issues and sustainability linkages will also be highlighted.

Introductory Webinars:  April 20th

Boot Camp: August 8 thru September 19th

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March 18, 2017

Cathy will be a guest lecturer at the Presido Business School, MBA program.   She will be speaking on "Sustainability Leadership - Journey Through Leadership".  SHE professionals need a mix of technical, leadership and business skills to be successful in SHE, sustainability in business overall.  Cathy will define five key leadership skills targeting success as a business partner in sustainability, and suggestions how to attain and develop these skills.

March 22, 2017

Cathy is a premium speaker the PECB “Global Leading Voices” webinar series.

Cathy’s presentation highlights:  A safety culture within an organization values and embeds safety in every process, decision and action. When done well, a strong safety culture creates a unifying sense of purpose, and engages every employee…from its seniors leaders to every worker. Risk reduction and injury prevention are accelerated.  It also enables success in other areas, like sustainability, productivity, quality, morale, teamwork, employee retention and environmental incident prevention.  It can even create new business value.  However, when done poorly or is abused, it is destructive to employees morale, respect and to business itself.  Cathy will share over 35 years of hands-on experience in implementing global safety cultures--what works, why, the top five actions to always take and dangerous traps to avoid.  Register at PECB Global Leading Voice webinars at

March 27, 2017
March closes with Cathy presenting and moderating the 5th Responsible Business Summit.  Her presentation will be "Turn Purpose to Profit and New Business Value Through Your Safety, Health and Environmental Culture."   Before an audience of hundreds of global sustainability leaders, Cathy describes the connection and resulting value of SHE culture and sustainability. A strategically implemented SHE culture within an organization accelerates sustainability results; injury and incident prevention and creates new business value and opportunities. Cathy and Breakthrough Results is honored to also be a sponsor of this prestigious event. For more information, visit

April 20, 2017

Back by Popular Demand

Cathy invites you to join her for a free webinar on building an effective safety culture in your organization.Yes, There Is a Safety Culture!"  This topic is back by popular demand.  Join Cathy as she shares her practical experience in a strategy, four key actions and the ways to overcome challenges.

Date: April 20th 11AM ET.    Register HERE to receive more information and

Past Webinars
You will receive the audio mp3 along with slides via pdf and any worksheets or handouts provided during the live event. Great content to add to your resource library!

Helping Business Leaders Become SHE Champions

There is no doubt that Leadership sets the tone and expectations for a strong safety or SHE culture. Good leadership provides the resources, education, tools and processes that enable the entire organization or team to be successful, and meet their expectations….OR NOT.

Get proven-successful methods and real examples from Cathy Hansell to influence, educate, motivate and coach your business, functional, site and supervisory leaders, to become driving safety champions.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to appeal to leaders - the WIIFM of good safety for both personal and business reasons, and their roles.
  • How to approach leaders - based on facts, employee and business feedback, business value, and practical solutions.
  • How to engage leaders - by providing clear, easy and desirable methods, and seeking their direct engagement in the soutions!


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Safety/SHE Culture and Sustainability... You're Already 80% There!

Sustainability has become a very popular topic at international conferences, governmental forum and Company Board room strategic planning sessions. What is it? Is it really so new? What is the role of SHE professionals? Join Cathy Hansell for the first webinar in a series on Safety (SHE) culture and sustainability. During this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • Where safety (SHE) culture and sustainability link, and WHY
  • The key cultural action of alignment and integration of safety (SHE) into the 24 business processes and the opportunities with sustainability
  • How to leverage safety (SHE) culture to accelerate sustainability, and vice versa
  • The role of the Safety (SHE) professional in the sustainability arena
  • Tools, tips and traps


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A Long Time Challenge... Creating A Dynamic and Sustainable SHE Culture

Safety or SHE culture is continually stated as the most critical factor in lasting safety or SHE excellence. As part of an overall strategy, culture is an accelerator and enabler to success. Join Cathy Hansell for the second webinar in a series on SHE culture and sustainability. Cathy will share her 35 years of experience in creating successful safety (SHE) strategy and cultures. In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • Defining a Safety (or SHE) strategy
  • Defining and Creating a Safety (or SHE) culture
  • Practical Implementation Plan
  • Tips, Traps and Best Practices


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SHE Alignment and Integration with the Business... All People, All 24 Processes, All Powerful... to Create the Lasting Culture You Want


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Harnessing the Power of the People - Effectively Engaging Employees

Many S&H or SHE culture approaches reach out to the employees. Yes, it is good and necessary. But manyhave only fleeting success.  Why? Lack of planning, support, motivation are all too complicated or too theoretical. Don't make those mistakes. Learn from Cathy who has learned how to engage people's minds and hearts, and give them what they need to be motivated and successful!


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