Safety, Sustainability and Productivity:
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Are you ready for a practical, proven-successful advice, designed to help you get the vibrant and lasting Safety, SHE and sustainability culture you want?  Cathy has “been there and done it” for 30 years...from the inside, and not as an outside consultant, not as a theorist and not from research alone.  Cathy has worked with three several major corporations, as a senior leader in Safety, product stewardship, manufacturing and quality for 30 years, and then as a consultant for the last 10 years in Safety culture and sustainability to share her successes and best practices. 

Cathy and special guests offer and share practical, and simple strategies, road maps and models to change a culture into a dynamic, lasting, and successful SHE way of life.  Cathy, renown for her effective model of alignment and integration of SHE into 24 business processes, will share the details of arguably the most important step in a culture creation. 


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MAY 10, 17, 24 and 31, 2018 11am-12pm US Eastern

Whether you want to build a new culture of safety within your organization or enhance the current one, this virtual boot camp is for you!  No traveling, advice and proven methods from experts, and chances to ask your own questions of peers and the experts.

What is it? 

Four targeted, virtual, 60-minute sessions in 4 weeks.  The series follows the logical Plan-Do-Check-Act approach, and is laced with practical advice, proven tips and best practices aligned with business goals. Learn from the thought leaders in safety to develop or enhance your organization culture to value and embed safety! Environmental and sustainability linkages and actions will also be highlighted in each step. Safety thought-leaders Bob Seguy, John Forrester, Mei-LI Lin, Gretchen Digby Norwood, Cathy and others will share their collective almost 200 years of experience! 

  • Bob Seguy, MS, SMS  National Safety Leader, Nestle Waters, ReadyRefresh

  • John Forrester, CSP:  Associate Director, Safety, Leprino Foods

  • Mei-Li Lin, PhD:  SVP, Business Innovation and Strategic Partnership, Dekra Insights

  • Gretchen Digby Norwood, CSM, DfS:  US Liaison, Robeco Sam Sustainability Services

  • Cathy Hansell, SMS, CCSR, CSM, MS, JD:  Host, President, Breakthrough Results, LLC   


Who will benefit?

Leaders of SHE and sustainability will learn the “how to’s” of a proven method to create or enhance the value of safety (environment and sustainability too) within the current organizational culture.  Leaders within the business operations, human resources, procurement, engineering, technology, communication, business development and planning areas will gain a deeper understanding of the needed actions, and their roles within this culture transformation.


The first 30 minutes of each weekly virtual session will cover the most important actions, tips and traps, as presented in the Plan-Do-Check-Act stages by the guest experts! In the remaining 30 minutes, members will be able to directly interact with each other, the speakers, and guests. To maximize preparation and session effectiveness, discussion topics will be provided to all participants prior to each session.  Attendees are encouraged to submit questions to the experts prior to and during each session. Follow-up questions are also encouraged to be submitted after each session. Finally, participants will receive an audio recording and materials from each session.


Week 1 Plan:  Defining the Culture Problem

  • Collect data: current “as is” cultural state and “can be” company culture state, and strategy;

  • Examine the effectiveness of SHE incorporation into the 24 business processes; and

  • Define cultural problems, gaps, causes, priorities; future strategic plan, key actions and leading indicators.

Week 2 Do:  Develop and Implement Cultural Action Plan

  • Develop and implement strategic plan with targeted accountabilities and actions within the business;  

  • Design and implement the enabling structure, education, communications and metrics, partnering with the business and process owners of target processes, leaders and employees. 

Week 3 Check:  Study and assess performance  

  • Examine progresses, gaps and successes with audits, feedback and leading metrics;

  • Adjust strategic plan and actions for short-term and long-term impact. 


Week 4 Act: Fully implement and standardize solutions

  • Secure management approval and support as needed;

  • Institutionalize safety (and environmental and sustainability) factors into the organization’s business processes, creating a culture where safety (and environmental and sustainability) are valued and integrated within the organization; 

  • Repeat for continuous improvement…to ensure safety (and environmental and sustainability) is fully integrated into all business processes, performance expectations, accountabilities and organizational structure.

Boot Camp Bonus!

Participants will be enrolled in the Breakthrough Results Culture Transformation Membership for six months, where materials, tools, past audio recordings will be available, and group calls and coaching calls with Cathy will be held with all boot camp participants.

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Here's what Alex Pollock, Former Global Director of EH&S Expertise at Dow has to say:

"If you are interested in radically improving the safety culture in your organization then this is
the "camp" for you.  With Cathy's proven track record in creating and leading top tier safety
programs, you will receive practical insights from someone who cares passionately about the
value of human health and is driven by the belief that All injuries are preventable.  Take a break.
Go to "camp."  You'll be so glad you did."

Alex Pollock, Leader, Equipping You LLC

Registration is now open for all events!  Visit http://SHECultureBootCamp.com for full details.

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April 5th & 12th, 2018

Bob Seguy

Tips and Challenges for Successfully Embedding Safety In Your Organization (2 Parts)

Bob has been an EHS leader for over 30 years. He has worked in 22 countries building strong EHS cultures working at all levels of the organization. He has both the EHS depth and breadth working in several industry sectors including Aerospace, Defense, Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage. Bob utilizes a pragmatic yet system approach when building a comprehensive safety culture owned by line management. Bob holds two Master Degrees from University of Southern California in Environmental Engineering and Industrial Hygiene. He also is certified by BSCP in System Management Safety.

April 19th, 2018

John Leyenberger

Meeting the International Challenges with Implementing Company-Wide Safety/She Cultures

Join Cathy and her special guest, John Leyenberger, Principal Consultant Centerline Risk Solutions, LLC. During this show, Cathy and John cover safety culture basics, the roadmap for success and pain points throughout the process. Including global design, implementation, maintenance and metrics, and their lessons learned along the way. 

April 26th, 2018

Alex Pollock

Employee Engagement and Motivation for Safe Choices (Part 1)

Cathy welcomes her special guest Alex Pollock, former Dow Chemical Global director of EH&S Expertise, and currently the Leader at Equipping You LLC. Alex has over 30 years experience and holds MEng, CChem, CIH, ROH degrees and certifications. Cathy and Alex discuss successful ways and tips to meaningfully engage all employees with safety.

May 3rd, 2018

Alex Pollack

Employee Engagement and Motivation for Safe Choices
(Part 2)

Cathy welcomes her special guest Alex Pollock, former Dow Chemical Global director of EH&S Expertise, and currently the Leader at Equipping You LLC. Alex has over 30 years experience and holds MEng, CChem, CIH, ROH degrees and certifications. Cathy and Alex discuss successful ways and tips to meaningfully engage all employees with safety.

May 10th, 2018

Liam Dowd

Developments in Sustainability and the Role of SHE 

Liam Dowd is the managing director of Ethical Corporation. Liam joined Ethical Corporation in 2010 and has worked his way from subscriptions manager to director of marketing and strategy to his new role of managing director. Liam uses his marketing background to ensure customers are at the heart of business decisions. In this show, Liam highlights the role of HSE, SDG, ESG and sustainability and three actions that HSE professionals can take now.

May 17th, 2018

Nikos Avlonas

Sustainability Within Business and Government 

Cathy welcomes her special guest Nikos Avlonas, Founder and President of the Centre for Sustainability and Excellence. The discussion includes perspectives and views on sustainability within business and governments, along with details on the work of CSE.

May 24th, 2018

Mark Van Clieaf

Leading for the Long-Term

Join Cathy and her special guest Mark Van Clieaf, Managing Director of MVC Associates International as well as founder of Organizational Partners, as they share strategies and tips for leading for the long-term and where the environmental health and safety functions play a critical role for success. 

May 31st, 2018

Cathy Hansell

Safety Culture That Works and Lasts!

Safety culture is usually cited as the most critical aspect of having lasting and successful safety excellence. However there is significant debate as to what is a safety culture, how to implement it, how to measure it and how to ensure it lasts and grows. Join Cathy, as she described in detail a proven successful definition and implementation approach. Cathy shares the highlights of the strategy and roadmap that she developed and used for over 25 years, as a senior safety executive in several global corporations. Results speak for themselves, with robust SHE cultures through leadership and employee engagement, alignment and integration of S&H/SHE into 24 business processes and injury rate reductions of 90% plus, with simultaneous increases in productivity, quality and morale. Don’t miss what Cathy is willing to share!