Safety, Sustainability and Productivity:
Perfect Together!

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Here is a partial list of companies and organizations that have experienced safety culture,
six sigma and performance improvements after working with Cathy and our firm.


• Duke-Energy
• US Marines Corp
• US Army 
• Corning

• Washington Gas  

• Canadian Utility Corp

• Polyplex Americas
• Ascend Performance Materials


Here's what our clients and colleagues are saying...

Dr. Sara Luckhaupt
Medical Officer at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention



Dawn Castillo
MPH, of NIOSH Division of Safety Research



Mary Hill
CDC Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity



"Cathy is one of the best safety and health professionals I have worked with.  She is extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of occupational safety and health.  I highly recommend her."

--Ed Foulke, Partner - Fisher & Phillips LLP, Former Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA




"Cathy demonstrates high leadership and a thorough knowledge of all SHE issues. She empowered her direct and indirect reports, achieved outstanding results, which highly contributed to improve business and to make European factories safer. Cathy is a very good communicator. She is an outstanding person that I had the chance to work with.

Sabine worked indirectly for Cathy at Trane (formerly known as American Standard)

-- Sabine Woiselle, Dierectrice des Relations Sociales Groupe at GROUPE FLO





"Cathy is a great leader and a person with a unique ability to identify the needs of the organization and translate them into value activities and goals. She is very objective and with a sense of equality with the team she led. It was a pleasure to work under her leadership."

Ceasar reported to Cathy at Trane (formerly known as American Standard)

--Cesar Epifanio, VP EHSS and Quality for Dematic Group



"Cathy’s show is innovative and creative on the topic of safety—the first radio show of its kind and one of my favorites on my positive programming network Amazing Women Of Power.

She is very passionate and committed to her message and her interview style is comfortable and conversational.  Cathy’s guests are national experts from government and industry on safety and health topics for the workplace and families, and sustainability. Her shows are very educational and fun.  She's definitely the “go to” gal in her area of expertise of safety culture and sustainability.

Appreciate you C
athy...you're AWESOME!"

-- Raven Blair Glover, The Talk Show Maven & Queen ofInternet Radio Conversion; Award Winning Celebrity Talk Show Host




“Cathy introduced a very innovative approach to H&S management driving a sustained mindset and cultural change in the company. She is very knowledgeble and results-oriented and has been widely recognized performance in the H&S arena. Cathy is an enthusiastic and a charismatic leader, who can help organizations and people capitalizing on their strengths and make a true difference in a sustained way over tas a strong leader in her field of expertise. She has been instrumental to embedding high performing processes in the way the business is managed and accomplished long term and clearly measured unprecedented time.”

-- Emanuela Bonadiman, VP Human Resources Europe at Arrow Europe and Former VP HR EMEA , American Standard Europe. Worked indirectly for Cathy at Trane (formerly known as American Standard), where Cathy was the Corporate VP, Safety & Occupational Health



"Cathy was knowledgeable, professional and adaptive. She communicated with me regularly to ensure she knew the audience and adjusted her six sigma presentation/training to gain the maximum impact. Highly recommended!” Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Good Value. 

-- Jason C. Hunt, Director of Safety and Standardization at US Marine Corps Forces Command. Hired Cathy as a Business Consultant, Breakthrough Results. LLC 





“Cathy is a talented businesswoman who uses her deep expertise in safety, health and environmental management to lead organizational change and business performance. She is creative in her communications to every level of the organization and delivers sustainable results because she builds a carefully constructed path forward that is simple to follow and embrace as one's own. Her passion for a safe work environment is contagious to those she leads. I wholeheartedly recommend Cathy.”

-- Pamela Roach, CEO, Breakthrough Marketing Technology, LLC. Worked with Cathy at Honeywell (formerly AlliedSignal) and at Breakthrough Results, LLC



“Cathy is a dedicated & true leader. She has the ability to communicate effectively at all level, especially at the top management level, to set vision & drive strategic improvement processes. Under her leadership, the changes in safety culture and safety performance improvement over 6-7 years, in the former American Standard Group, were incredible.”

-- David Tjong , Director, Health, Safety & Environment for International Standard, Inc. Hired Cathy at Breakthrough Results, LLC and worked with Cathy at American Standard, where Cathy was the Corporate VP, Safety & Occupational Health



“Cathy and her team provided a strong foundation and leadership for health and safety improvement based on a top to bottom commitment. World class performance was obtained through a combination of consistent reporting, coupled with detailed and specific action plans to address issues. Her approach is professional with a clear bias towards action, both of which are required to achieve meaningful gain in this important area.”

-- Dale Elliott, President & CEO, FCM Advisory Group Ltd and Former President - Global Bath and Kitchen , American Standard Companies. Worked with Cathy at Trane (formerly known as American Standard), where Cathy was the Corporate VP, Safety & Occupational Health 



“Cathy was a dedicated, focused, engaging, energetic, master communicator and perfect boss. She always made you feel valuable and was a great listener. She keeps her eye on the end game and never missed an opportunity to let you know that you matter. Cathy is slow to anger, very insightful and has lots of charisma. She could be the 'Oprah" of EH&S- Extremely motivated when given a task and will always deliver results beyond anticipated expectations. A true leader.”

-- Joan McGillis, Global Safety Data Management Specialist, Trane. Reported to Cathy at Trane (formerly known as American Standard), where Cathy was the Corporate VP, Safety & Occupational Health 


Cathy has a tremendous amount of practical knowledge and experience in what it takes to transform an organization to sustainable world class safety performance. Her model of "Culture, Process, & Talent" is simple but comprehensive and provides all of the necessary steps to drive improvement in a balanced approach. Cathy has been invaluable to me over the last 2 years, as we drive our safety performance at Ascend to an even higher level of excellence."

--Dale Borths, VP Environmental Safety, Security and Health.  Ascend Performance Materials.  Hired Cathy as Business Consultant, Breakthrough Results, LLC


 “A strategic thinker with practical experience, Cathy has strong technical skills and capabilities, as well as personal experience in designing and implementing safety strategies to improve safety culture. She is a good collaborator and communicator. She understands the roles all levels of management and how to effectively engage them in driving culture change.” Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative. 

-- Hank Schmulling, Managing Director, Health & Safety at Duke Energy. Hired Cathy as a Business Consultant, Breakthrough Results, LLC


“Have worked with Cathy for 18 years developing world class safety processes. Her involvement in the implementation of these processes is second to none and creates the atmosphere for success and desired results in a team environment. She can work with the hghest level in the organization as well as with the hourly employees and feels comfortable in both.”

-- Jay Alcorta , Director, Safety and Loss Prevention, AlliedSignal and Independent Consultant. Worked directly with Cathy at Breakthrough Results, LLC and at American Standard, where Cathy was the Corporate VP, Safety & Occupational Health


“Cathy is a true safety professional. She excells in defining and communicating a comprehensive strategic vision as well as identifying specific actions to achieve desired results. Cathy communicates the safety imperitive with passion and commitment. She has the unique ability to communicate effectively at all levels, from the CEO's office to the factory floor. I would highly recommend Cathy to any organization seeking to achieve superior results.”

-- Craig Cunningham, Senior Manager-Safety, Ingersoll-Rand and Former Corporate Director - Safety & Health, Trane. Reported to Cathy at Trane (formerly known as American Standard), where Cathy was the Corporate VP, Safety & Occupational Health